Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is police over react or 'kiasu'??..

This afternoon,after learned that DSAI been forcefully arrested outside his home has spoiled my day.Not because i sided who ever,but the method and way police acted is beyond any sense at all.By sending in 10 hooded special action squad(UTK) members and 15 marked and unmarked police cars to arrest an unarmed and yet to proven guilty person doesnt make sense at all.It total waste of public fund.
Lately the reputation of PDRM has been sink to the lowest in history and by this action,i have nothing to describe how people react.
Statement issued by CID director shortly after DSAI detention ,again show that the entire police force have 'kiasu' attitude."we arrested him because we worry that he may not turn up as promised by 2 pm as he has gone straight to his home instead of IPK KL"CID Director,does this warrant an arrest?.Understand that police started the operation just after 1 pm and there are still an hour or so before the dateline.Why cant they wait till 2pm before taking necessary action?
As i said in my previous blog on this rookies CID director,the only reason he dooes that because he wanted to create an issue so that he can appear more on TV and newspapers or PDRM is call PKM(Polis Kiasu Malaysia)..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is Malacca still have historical value?

As Malaccan,i proud and happy to learn that Malacca has been selected as World Heritage Site together with Georgetown.

Even when i was young,i always proud to tell people that i am Malaccan and Malacca is a wonderful place with lot of historical values.And i always invite my friends all over the world to visit Malacca whenever they have chance to tour Asean countries.The A Formosa fort has been a icon for any newly wed couples to take their wedding photo whenever they have chance to do so like wise,clock tower and fountain next to Red House.I too took my wedding picture with my lovely wife here 22 years ago.

Back then,Malacca still very much intact and original.But things started to change when then CM Tambichik started to add in some attraction like Light and Sound show in front of Padang Pahlawan,where colourful lightings being added around St Paul hill,A Formosa,Malacca Museum to attract tourists but this eventually died off due to lack of maintenance but damaged have done to the surrounding of all these historical sites.

For the past 5 years,CM Ali Rustam has been actively developed Malacca into city status but on the expense of the historical values of what Malacca supposed to maintain. We have now added lot of artificial tourist sites like Eye of Malacca,Revolving tower,replica of ancient war ship etc.These so call tourist attractions did not have any historical value at all.As Malaccan,i am sad that our historical state has been used by irresponsible politicians for their personal gains.
Millions of tax payers money have been used up to construct all these non historical values tourist sites.
I would like to plea for CM Ali Rustam to allocate more fund to preserve all the historical sites to prevent being damage due to environmental conditions.These sites are valuable for our next generations to learn the Malacca history.Stop building all these artificial gadgets and concentrate to promote the real values that Malacca can offer.Apart from promoting the above historical sites,i hardly hear any promotion to attract tourist to visit other historical sites located within the state like Kota Kuala Linggi etc.Malacca still have many historical value sites that have not been actively promote and i hope state government can look into this instead spending money on development of non essential projects.

Is he really serious??

Lately,this new CID chief has been actively exposed in electronic and printed media.Probably he is even more expose than IGP or any other VVIP except PM and DPM.
If you were noticed in the past,he was merely call press conference just to say few words.And i dont think that warrant a press conference.
So,to me this guy is merely seek cheap publicity to show the world how our Malaysia CID chief look like or he think he is film star.
We need a serious,fair,just and hardworking police officer not some one,which i think has a habit of looking at himself in mirror day in day out.Just look at him when interview,he always try to pose his look in front of cameras.
Any simple readers will able to tell,what he said in the mass media is just a gimmick to show himself.I wonder how IGP or PM can approve or select him as our nation no 1 CID officer???
Anyway,as usual,we are in Bolehland.You give peanut,we get monkey CID chief la.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big mouth fler....

This Mr 'Big Mouth' Information Minister doesnt know how to shut his mouth.He claimed that PR(Pakatan Rakyat) should be worry that PR's MP will cross over to BN due to the RM100mil centralised pig farm project in Selangor that anger Malay folks.
Let make it clear,Mr Big Mouth.,who initiated this project and why no one complaint during that period of time?Why now? I think you are not 'Bodoh' by not knowing this,right?
That show how you BN or rather UMNO goons are trying to manipulate the situation by drumming up racial sentiment among us.Go and ask your Dr Toyo first before open your 'Big Mouth'.If you are sincere in champion the rakyat,go and see Selangor MB for clarification.
Take a look at Mohd Ali Rustam blog..he is being screwed left,right and centre(back) for trying to use this subject to distract everyone of in fighting in UMNO .
Anyway,BN's government is on the verge of collapse,in matter of time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who is stupid?

Read about our great UMNO's watchdog news at Malaysiakini. I really want to throw out my last three days 'rojak'.This idiot fler said that' certain ministers 'bodoh' by calling PM to resign'.Not doubt,it's not my business,but what caugth me were the remarks thrown by him to his fellow UMNO's ministers.
Recalled sometime late last year when he also calls all MIB(lawyers) that took part in BERSIH rally in Putrajaya BODOH' and all Indians who took part in HINDRAF demo crooked and gangsters.Look like,he is only smartest person in Malaysia and all of us are 'Bodoh' by voted in BN again to run the country..
So,if BN still screw up again...come GE13,we will send this goon to reform school.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why i support Pak Lah as PM?(for now..)

In year 2003,when Dr M handed over the PMship to Pak Lah,i have full hope and confidence that he will do better jobs than Dr M,practice equal policies to all Malaysians,irrespective of colour,race and religion.That vote of confidence continue when GE11 was called in 2004 and every Malaysians like me,gave Pal Lah thump up which made BN scored the biggest win in history.Malaysians started to feel disappointed when series of incidents like Kris waving,irresponsible UMNO members uttered racist statements in UMNO gatherings,AP issues,BN's MPs playing monkey in Parliament ,certain idiots UMNO ministers talked without using brains and lately Hindraf issue.These,if we look back ,were created by BN and UMNO leaders whose have become arrogance and ignorant toward rakyat voices.But have you ever heard or seen that Pak Lah agreed or approves such moves?If you study his speeches in most of occasions,he always used soft approach and tactic to calm us down..these might be the main factor that made most Rakyat not happy with his style of governing his people(BN leaders).Compared to DrM era,i guess,he will censored all these BN and UMNO members inorder to strengthen his position in party.

After the March 8th political tsunami,everything have changed,5+1 states fall into opposition parties,DAP,PKR and PAS(now Pakatan Rakyat).After more than a month,the sentiment of unhappiness amongst BN or specifically UMNO members still roaring,screaming for blood of those accused of responsible for BN or UMNO lost.One particular person is DrM.He has the absolute right to criticise and demand Pak Lah resign immediately but look back,do we have the qualified political leaders in BN(presuming BN still rule) to replace Pak Lah?some one that i see,doesn't uttered negative remark on racial and religions, practice quite fair(of course,i want fair) policies to all races?To me,whether Najib or others are still not ready yet.
Yesterday,PPM(Perhimpunan Perpaduan Malayu) held in PWTC,i qouted from Malaysiakini ,Tengku Mahkota Kelantan, Tengku Mohammad Faris Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail said" adalah tidak wajar bagi kaum-kaum bukan Melayu yang mendapat kerakyatan, menuntut persamaan hak dan keistimewaan sebagaimana orang Melayu' Literally meant that,Non malay(Chinese,Indian dan lain) whom have been granted citizenship's ,shouldn't ask for equal rights and benefits same as malay'.What a disturbing statement.We have been Independence for 50 years and yet we still have such a partition dividing all races in Malaysia.Pak Lah may not be the best choice PM but he still does not said such words as above.Imagine,if new BN's PM agreed with what have been transpired in PPM meeting,Malaysia will be chaos and in stable.
Therefore,as long as BN still in power,we need Pak Lah to be PM,whether you like it or not?.What ever,DrM said,he is no longer relevant to us as his days as PM was over.What Malaysians still need is someone that understand the racial sensitivity and value harmony among all Malaysians.Pak Lah may not done the best yet..but as i said,what choice we have???

Saturday, April 5, 2008

do malaccans need this?

Read this news yesterday ..wonder Malacca need this to attract tourists?Malacca has plenty of historical sites to offer,the main attraction for tourists arrived in Malacca were to walk about along the historical sites from Equatorial Hotel till clock tower and to Hellen st,Jonker st ...and back again to old Godowns till Padang Pahlawan. and by putting this viewing tower may not the wise move.Malacca is not a metropolitan where glowing neon lights light up the magnificent sky scrapers covering the entire city during nite falls..providing colourful sky.Who ever been to Malacca city at nite knows that we have nothing to offer like KL,Penang,Singapore...what we have is quiet nite life.Tourists may not even interested to explore nite view,likewise during day time their objective are to learn our history.
The RM23 million spent on this toy definitely not worth..we may well use this money to keep Malacca river clean,maintain the facilities surrounding it as Malacca River cruise is one of the main attraction and need sufficient fund to maintain.Hope Ali Rustam be wise and smart.not just chase after luxury projects which doesnt benefit to state and rakyat as i said,we are watching you...